Gifts of Stocks and Bonds


What are Gifts of Stocks and Bonds?

Charitable gifts of stocks and bonds can give you extra bonus of tax savings—if you give them directly to a charity (before selling). By owning publicly traded securities for over a year, you will have the ability to claim a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities and never have to pay capital gain taxes on the appreciation. 


How do gifts of stocks and bonds work?

  • Start online in your own brokerage by opting to gift stocks to your charity of choice.
  • You can also direct the brokerage directly. 
  • If you prefer to gift one you already own, you have to then purchase it in your account and then transfer it to the recipient. 


Thrivent Financial

As you explore your planned giving options, you should meet with a financial advisor who can help you weigh the pros and cons of different approaches. If you don’t already have an advisor, we often connect legacy donors with the team at Thrivent to discuss their wisest options. With a clear picture of your finances (and the broad range of solutions available), you’ll be well-positioned to make an informed decision.

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